Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Oh my luck !

That day in the examination hall :
I don't procrastinate. So, there is nothing bad about exams for me, yet never could find a reason for loving it.

But, that thing about Computer Skills practical examination was no'thing'. For all the presentations and all, the central idea was about a Pen drive. You could always: insert-copy-eject, and bang. Needless to say, up there the possibility of having a CCTV camera was minimal. Yes, a working one.
Now, there was a girl of my batch who I use to fancy about. Hail my luck, she was in the same laboratory room.

"Hello Pari", I briskly swayed my hand cutting through.
Glued to her desktop, said "Hello Shashank", with a little glimpse of her rejuvenating smile (I could spend few thousand bucks just for that, rather 'invest' is a better word)
"So, working on excel?"
"Yeah. Just starting. Have you done it?"
Getting intimidated, "Well yes, just to pass through"
"Can you help me, this thing taking much time", she asked.
Well I was a pen drive-aided man. I was naive, yet knew something. So, cutting loose the opportunity was never an option.
"Surely, why not. Let me."
"Yeah, how to get these percentage figures onto the pie chart?", she said pointing to the question paper.
Being inches away from her, I was definitely living my day.
I went through the screen, did some movement of the mouse and by some clicks I achieved what she asked.
"Thanks, Shashank". She smiled.
Sighing in relief, I said, "You owe me one"
"Definitely, I do"
Not sure of what to say, "Okay, finish the remaining. Will catch up later."
"Great, then"

I moved up to my seat. I was having a feeling of great accomplishment. I was happy.
The bell rang. I saved all the answers in a folder. She too finished hers and got up to leave.  She turned back and smiled. That was enough for me

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Reviving Politics.

Electorate voting for change seems to have pushed down the Congress, decimating them. Today, results came in 4 states, with BJP making an whopping clear cut domination. But, Delhi was an unique case. Arvind Kejrwal , a former IRS officer showed, what an 'underdog' is up to. Before, there were two ways for the people, either vote for BJP or the other way around, but now people have an alternative in AAP. AAP has curved its place between the two entrenched parties BJP and congress, actually far more ahead than Congress conveniently. Politics in Delhi, has now struck a wave and is shifting now from a bipolar politics to a new common arena ending the 15 years of dynastic rule.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Don't go by looks, they betray.

A Chinese phone may look like an Iphone but, underneath it is not. People generally pronounce their judgement without an extensive analysis. Behind the facade of every man, has a superflous degree of wrongs and vice. Based on what we want to show and actually who we are, we have two selfs. One self may be a hollow and shallow sphere of ideal morals we wish to show. But, the other self cannot be edited for any emolument which is the real self. The need of the hour is the reconciliation of the two. Being a hypocrite is tantamount to the act on whim. Being rationalist, we have to develop the eternal deed to judge out the flaws and enlighten ourselves of the vice of an another.

Ambiguous 'civilised' society.

Ever since, I took my sense, news of assaults on women are like 'never-stopping', mentally or physically. Damini Rape case which shuddered whole world and was an acting catalyst in deteriorating our nation's image. I can only imagine what notion the foreigners carry about us. The most levelled and accountable persons like Politicians, Judges, Mediapersons are no less. All in action, victimising women. Many comes up with rude 'sexist' comments, and later on with a half-hearted apology which does not cut ice. When a mentor turns a monster(Tarun Tejpal's case), people go haywire, whom to respect, whom to believe. Everyone seems so same. Tarun Tejpal was a senior and respected editor of a respected and progressive magazine, Tehelka. But, what he did was a sheer tear of our ideal stereotyped 'civilised' society.

Friday, 6 December 2013

My 1st Semester exams.

My exams went fine but costing me a hard lesson. I was always indicted with procrastination. Well, it made me suffer(obviously). Throughout my semester, I kept dreaming of topping university exams(seriously), boasting my great result, impressing friends and relatives with my scores. Well, it is a very good pass time. I always kept delaying my portions and dreamt of a magic wand which would go round, and make me instantly a topper. Please, drop the foolish idea that you are brilliant and can easily beat your mates. It will be disheartening to know but you're not the last intelligent man left on Earth. :)

A great soul departing.

Today, many have lost a father. Today, a nation lost it's greatest son. Nelson Mandela has been a great inspiration for all throughout his being. He dedicated himself towards the struggle of African people. He was light of hope, compassion. A light which brought the way out for the 'black' african people from the white domination. Surely, our world is darker by huge leap. Everyone can send a message of condolence, visit-